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Paediatric Clinical Trials--Why Futurenest ?

Futurenest Paediatric Network has been founded in 2008 by paediatricians experienced in paediatric clinical trials in independent research sites. The policy of the company is to contribute to the development of Hungarian paediatric clinical studies and research for the benefit of children's health.We are taking an active role in ensuring that clinical studies in which minors participate are conducted in an efficient way. The network facilitates the recruitment of experts and investigators to work as specialists in trials supported by industries or other fundings.

The sites are located in Hungary: Miskolc, Budapest, Debrecen, Kazincbarcika and Bordány. The studies are carried out by general paediatric practitioners experienced in clinical research and subspecialists are also involved. We have taken part in epidemiological, Phase II-III-IV studies involving both healthy (vaccines) and sick (infectology, gastroenterology etc.) children. We also have many years of international experience working as investigators and a sponsor (monitoring, study management) , have a specialty in clinical pharmacology, passed successfully GCP courses and have taken part several times in succesful audits.

During 2011 Futurenest started to collaborate with European network of paediatric research, EnprEMA, established by the European Medicines Agency (EMA). This network will comprise of both national and European networks as well as investigators and research units that have special expertise in this area. Futurenest has completed the self-assessment document for EnprEMA recognition criteria. The self-assessment of Futurenest Clinical Research Ltd. can be seen here: ema-doc.pdf